LWC's Mission & Vision

Mission: Growing Stronger by Growing Together!

Life today can be rather chaotic at times. We can get so caught up in the activity of life that we fail to develop meaningful relationships with those outside our immediate sphere of influence. At LWC, we feel that it is a vital necessity that we grow together. As we grow closer together as a church family we will find ourselves stronger corporately and individually. The old saying, "there's strength in numbers" is certainly true and developing strong relationships is a necessity to the church today. We here at LWC are striving to foster an environment where this process can take place.

Vision - I See a Church...
  • Where the Word is taught, received and produces fruit accordingly
  • Where love lingers, and religion is replaced with relationship
  • That worships in Spirit and truth, thus ushering the presence of God
  • Where the move of the Spirit is known bringing healing to the sick, freedom to the bound and peace to the troubled.
  • That ministers to the needs of people regardless of race or social status
  • Where the bywords of the body are revival, recovery and restoration
  • Revival to the weary, Recovery to the weak, Restoration of God's presence and power.
  • We will fulfill these things because we have a church to build, a community to touch, and a city to impact.